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Kady, 10 Jun 2021

All good:)

Noname, 10 Jun 2021

Fantastic food and service.

Steven, 28 May 2021

The food at Derby grill is very delicious

Bruna Vieira, 12 May 2021

Very good all staff also very good taste nice and clean

Satnam, 07 May 2021

Everything is great! Tasty food, good quality and very good value for money. All the guys are so nice and polite.

Andreea, 07 May 2021


Alex, 06 May 2021


Tom, 29 Apr 2021


Tom, 29 Apr 2021

Best place to receive proper kebabs!

Elena, 10 Apr 2021

Best kebabs by a mile

Colin Bell , 08 Apr 2021


River, 05 Apr 2021

Great Chicken Kebab. Best I know of

Richard, 02 Apr 2021

Great Chicken Kebab. It’s the best I know of and as they don’t deliver due to the distance I’m more than happy to drove and collect

Richard, 02 Apr 2021

always good

Ashley, 02 Apr 2021

Beautiful food as always perfect on time great service and great delivery driver was very polite and friendly. Thank you again. Best kebabs in Derby!!!!

Toni, 27 Mar 2021

We have recently moved a little further out and where I was before I ordered all the time I have took this amazing treasure with me derby grill is my taste of home amazing meats on a kebab like nothing you have had before Wow factor Pizzas out of this world honestly derby grill and staff are the best in derby thank you so much for the best everytime.Thank you keep being amazing.

Natasha, 26 Mar 2021

Foods amazing

Sally, 18 Mar 2021

Excellent food

Tony Gould, 13 Mar 2021

Tried to order 3 times. Called but cant take card payments. Had a text to say £161 for an order tried to make on app.

Lisa, 13 Mar 2021

Always great service and a tasty meal!

Clive, 06 Mar 2021

best mixed kebab in derby

Dale, 01 Mar 2021


Bartek, 23 Feb 2021

Nice pizzas, quick delivery.

Alejandro, 21 Feb 2021

Always for my take out!!

Julian, 20 Feb 2021


River, 17 Feb 2021

Great service

Darren, 16 Feb 2021

Great takeaway thanks!

Tom, 13 Feb 2021

Best kebabs in derby!

Skye, 12 Feb 2021

Best takeaway in Derby in my opinion. Food is always top class.

Daniel, 10 Feb 2021

Amazing food every time we order

Brett, 07 Feb 2021

Always excellent food and service, used Derby Grill for years!

Paul, 06 Feb 2021

A fee charge should not be charged when you pay online.

Ria, 06 Feb 2021

Order from here regularly! It’s always lovely! And very good customer service!

Sophie, 01 Feb 2021

Great Food & Great Value for Money Will Order Again Very Soon. Highly Recommended

Paul, 01 Feb 2021

How long you been putting rice in the special mixed kebab, you hardly get any meat as it is for the price of the damn thing. I wouldn't have bothered if I'd have known that a quarter of the box would be filled with rice!.

Paul Gibson, 30 Jan 2021

  Reply : Mr Paul Gibson, sorry you feel this way but we put the same amount of meat into the special mixed kebab, we put in extra rice to satisfy customers

Part of order missing - no cheesecake. Not to worry,, still enjoyable.

Steve, 30 Jan 2021

  Reply : Sorry about that, if you could notify us and remind us when doing your next order on the notes section about this, we will give you something for free

I’m unsure about these points

Jake, 29 Jan 2021

I have always ordered from here for the past 4 years and I have never had an issue with any products from this establishment ever until today. I was greeted with cold food and a missing item. I rang up the takeaway to be told I would receive replacement foods and the missing item. Driver turns up with just the missing item. I then had to ring up again to be spoken to who was apparently the manager of the establishment... arguing down the phone saying he wants the cold foods back or he wouldn’t replace anything. After me trying to explain that his colleague originally told me to throw it all away and now it’s in the bottle of a skip. He wants me to climb into the skip to get all of it out. Then he put the phone down on me and my number has been blocked. What a waste of £18 for me...he could have even offered me a refund on part my order so I can order somewhere else but no. hope people realise how unprofessional you guys can be!

Jimmy, 27 Jan 2021

  Reply : Sorry about that, we deeply apologise, we would not want to lose a loyal valuable customer. If you could remind us in the notes section with your next order about this situation we will offer our best service for you, I can assure you this would not happen again

Very happy you have brought the loyalty points back! Wouldn’t go anywhere else either way

Amy, 23 Jan 2021

recommend this

Gabriela, 23 Jan 2021

Bit late this time, but not usually late

River, 22 Jan 2021

Simply the Best! Best Kebab in Derby, Highly Recommended

Karen , 18 Jan 2021

Great Food & Great Value for Money Will Order Again Very Soon. Highly Recommended

Paul , 18 Jan 2021

derby grill are the best kebab in derby.. top service always great nice freindly staff... my family love the place .

Lee, 18 Jan 2021

Best kebabs in derby by far....

Rav, 16 Jan 2021

Just brilliant!!

Ali, 12 Jan 2021

The food was nice, however we were disappointed that the salad and sauces were on the kebab when delivered, when we requested them all to be separate, as my girlfriend doesn't like chilli sauce or mint yoghurt! Very disappointed.

Ian, 08 Jan 2021

We keep coming back!

Craig, 31 Dec 2020

Marek, 19 Dec 2020


River, 18 Dec 2020

Ahhh brilliant food.

Ali, 15 Dec 2020

Fantastic takeaway and delivery service. They are great for a snack after coming out of the clubs and a yummy dinner treat. I would highly recommend them!

Andrea Crawford, 10 Dec 2020

The food is delicious

Bruna Vieira, 06 Dec 2020


River, 05 Dec 2020

Good food - good menu

Frederick, 05 Dec 2020

Ordered via Uber, fast delivery and food was absolutely delicious

Jeff Wickes, 28 Nov 2020

Was lovely!

River, 26 Nov 2020

Awesome! Always yummy

Diana, 21 Nov 2020

Marek, 20 Nov 2020

Excellent food and service!

Ella, 18 Nov 2020

Food is always delicious, we order from here all the time. Chips are delicious and kebabs are perfect. Great service and delivery driver is very efficient and friendly.

Toni Smith , 17 Nov 2020

Lovely meal

Dave, 16 Nov 2020


Jan, 13 Nov 2020

Love the updated online ordering system. Top work.

James, 28 Oct 2020

Great delivery man, great food and the food was cooked perfectly. Can’t knock the place at all and always my go to.

Charlie, 16 Oct 2020

Pleasure to order from as always

Graham, 10 Oct 2020

  Reply : Üi

Been getting takeaways from here for over 20 years. The food and service has always been fantastic!!!

Anthony, 10 Oct 2020

Not moaning but didn’t get the chips delivered with the order this time. No problem though - stick it on our next order which won’t be long! Have a good weekend Gentlemen..

Steve, 10 Oct 2020

First time when i ordered..waiting to see if it worth

Alexandra, 10 Oct 2020


David, 09 Oct 2020

Very good

Laura, 09 Oct 2020

Amazing food. Proper quality and decent.

Natalielucie, 08 Oct 2020


Dylan, 07 Oct 2020

Great food

Emma, 02 Oct 2020

Great food

Emma, 02 Oct 2020


Tom, 29 Sep 2020

Always pleasant.

Helen, 18 Sep 2020

Usually love this place but tonight the driver couldn’t find our door resulting the order being over half an hour late. We were told he had knocked on the door which he defiantly had not and then when we got the order at last they were lukewarm and didn’t get the side order of mozzarella sticks. When we called up to let the takeaway know we got hung up on. Very disappointed for saying we love this place.

Charlotte, 16 Sep 2020

Very nice pizza and chicken meat, I eat here often and I've not been let down yet.

Lexi, 11 Sep 2020

First time we have orderd but everything was beutiful , fast delivery and one of the best kebabs ive had in a long time .

Matt, 22 May 2020

Excellent service will carry on using you

Paul, 22 May 2020

Very good always enjoy

Elaine, 19 May 2020

Best kebabs in Derby

Kelly, 15 May 2020

Excellent food and service, as usual

James, 10 May 2020

5 stars! Food delivered early and its piping hot! Pleasant driver

Mirriam, 10 May 2020

Good food

Ajm, 05 May 2020

Absolutely beautiful kebab

Teresa, 04 May 2020

When the diner meat is good it’s absolutely fantastic thank you

Michael, 25 Apr 2020

Spot on service and top quality food every time. So glad you guys are back delivering. Thank you.

Gaz Smedley, 20 Apr 2020

All good

Samira, 03 Apr 2020

Your website has a notice on the homepage saying you're closed today, but your open. You might want to change that.

Andrew, 27 Mar 2020

Great tasting healthy Chicken Kebabs

Andrew, 13 Mar 2020

wouldn't ever go anywhere else, best takeaway in derby without a doubt

Raegan, 02 Mar 2020

Excellent food and service.

Lourdes, 21 Feb 2020

You operate a very reliable, good quality takeaway restaurant. The food is very tasty and enjoyable. One can see that a lot of hard work and dedication is put into delivering a high standard of service. Thank you.

Ella, 19 Feb 2020

Order arriving way after the 45 minutes time on the tracker, ordered at 7.16 and still waiting

Samantha, 18 Feb 2020

Very nice pizza.

Sahila, 18 Feb 2020

The pizza was very nice.

Sahila, 18 Feb 2020

Clean, and good quality food.. and lovely service

Mireia, 16 Feb 2020

The foods is Delicious as always

Jeremy Brown, 09 Feb 2020

Best Kebab House in The Town

Murat, 05 Feb 2020

Lovely quality food as usual, thank you

Andrew, 01 Feb 2020

Excellent quality food and service as usual, thank you once again

Andrew, 01 Feb 2020

Always good food, very tasty and rapid delivery

Andrew, 28 Jan 2020

Very good food, very quick, good price

Ryan, 06 Jan 2020

Brilliant service and fast

Mireia, 30 Dec 2019

Brilliant service and fast..

Mireia, 30 Dec 2019

Very nice food

Adie, 24 Dec 2019

Kebabs are perfect best in derby ! But the chips not so good, just soggy and tasteless !! used to be good though so what's happened??.......

Lindsay, 20 Dec 2019


Ali, 16 Dec 2019

Delicious food ;)

Jeremy, 17 Nov 2019

Very nice guys and very good food

Mikael, 14 Nov 2019

Nice fresh food :)

Reben, 02 Nov 2019

Nice fresh food :)

Reben, 02 Nov 2019

Once again you got my ordered wrong. Absolutely gutted. I was waiting for this all week and it cost me a lot of money. 2 orders in a row. The rest of the food for family was fine.

Dave, 02 Nov 2019

  Reply : Sorry about that, Next time remind me about this situation and i can give you a discount.


Ali, 01 Nov 2019

Delicious as always

Jeremy, 28 Oct 2019

Delicious as always.

Jeremy, 28 Oct 2019

Absolutely delicious kebab, delivered quickly, fresh salad and quality meat, ample sauces served seperately.... will be ordering again and again! Top marks!!

Sally Needham-Bareham, 25 Oct 2019

Friendly, good service and awesome food

Catalin, 23 Oct 2019

Brilliant wow

Ali, 20 Oct 2019

Excellent service as always.

Graham, 19 Oct 2019

Good foods

Jeremy, 18 Oct 2019

Good foods :)

Jeremy, 18 Oct 2019


The Food Was 100% & The staff were friendly, I Totally Recommend & I Will Be Ordering again Soon, Many Thanks

Paul, 18 Oct 2019

Good food

Jeremy, 14 Oct 2019

Good food

Jeremy, 14 Oct 2019

Absolutely Perfect

Ali, 13 Oct 2019

The best Turkish kebabs we have had outside Turkey, amazing!

Andrew Inger, 13 Oct 2019

Delicious food and highly recommend.

Jeremy Brown , 10 Oct 2019

That was the best chicken kabab ever.

Alison, 27 Sep 2019

Delicious, not greasy, shame they forgot the salad from one kebab. Took an hour to arrive.

Bernice, 21 Sep 2019

Great Kebab house

Steve, 05 Sep 2019


Anne Fletcher, 03 Sep 2019


Anne Fletcher, 03 Sep 2019

One guy always gets the order wrong and gets grumpy when I tell him its wrong!! Just get it right!!

James, 31 Aug 2019


Alex, 30 Aug 2019

amazing food i have never been able to find a takeaway where i can keep going back

Natasha, 19 Aug 2019

Very good and excellent service.

P Raisin, 17 Aug 2019

Reliably fast and delicious, thanks guys!

Steve, 06 Aug 2019

Always good

Alice, 03 Aug 2019

Very nice food still, but recent minimum spend increase +service charge+delivery costs mean we are less likely to order as often

David, 02 Aug 2019

Fast and delicious, thanks guys!

Steve, 19 Jul 2019

Amazing right near where i work always great service

Alice, 17 Jul 2019


Toni, 16 Jul 2019

Fresh food great service

Alex, 14 Jul 2019

Fresh food great service

Alex, 14 Jul 2019

The food was perfect and very nice thank u Il be coming again

Kelly, 08 Jul 2019

Ordered for the first time last week. We looked for another eatery after our normal place we order from received a 1 star food hygiene rating!! We noticed you guys got great reviews and a 5 star food hygiene rating. We weren’t disappointed. We love your food. We couldn’t believe the variety of kebabs you offer compared to other places. And much better quality too! The prices are ever so slightly higher than other places but still amazing value for money for the much better quality of food you give to your customers. We look forward to ordering from you again and again. Well done to all at Derby Grill.

Christopher, 07 Jul 2019

It’s for Mohammed

Mohammed, 03 Jul 2019

Excellent thanks!

Tom, 28 Jun 2019

Best Kebabs In Derby Without A Doubt! ❤️

Foisal, 28 May 2019

Lovely service

Sharon, 18 May 2019

Fantastic food

Emma, 04 May 2019

Food is so nice but last time the food was cold

Sibonile, 24 Apr 2019


Hayley, 18 Apr 2019

Amazing service and food always taste great, always order from them they are the best

Diana Saad, 03 Apr 2019

Love the food it's always hot and great value for money I'd like to suggest you add hot and spicy chicken wings to the menu

Michelle, 22 Mar 2019

Very good food, delicious and good quality!

Maria, 16 Mar 2019

Excellent foof and service and overall quality.

Alex, 12 Mar 2019

Lovely chicken in the kebab

Emma, 10 Mar 2019

Lovely chicken in the kebab!!

Emma, 10 Mar 2019

Always nice food. Quick delivery and friendly service. Highly recommended

Craig Sandells, 07 Mar 2019

Forgot my sauce I asked for and the extra one I paid for it this becoming every time I order

Sam, 07 Mar 2019

Very nice thank you.

Daniel, 02 Mar 2019

The best food in the town ❤

Diessica, 27 Feb 2019

Nice food, friendly service

Kat, 22 Feb 2019


Calin, 19 Feb 2019


Tom, 17 Feb 2019

Awesome food always from you guys


We always rely on Derby Grill for kebabs. Nothing quite like it in Derby. The hummus is a huge bonus.


Love this please food is the best in derby


Love this place! The guys and the food are the best!


Food is delicious and good prices too delivery is good i out in a soecial request for my delivery and was very helpful would definitely recommend


Consistently great. Thank you!


The best


Brill best takeaway in derby


Always top food


We have always enjoyed special shish & chicken from Derby grill. The meat was to the usual high standard, however the red cabbage was not marinated and shredded as fine as it usually is and the onion was less cooked and cut too large. Other than that it was very tasty!

Ann ,

I spend ten minutes looking at the menu but then nine out of ten times i order the special mixed kebab... a serious kebab, usually quick too!


Very good



Food is good quality, very fast delivery within 10mins driver poliet, i did order cake and not ice cream but not complaining, will order again great prices as well.


The best kebab in the world ❤


  Reply : ???

very good food


Good quality food always arrives hot and always enjoy our food from here


Derby Grill - you just can’t go wrong


It's really good ordering system. Cracking job.


Best in Derby!


Best food I ever had as always.nice Turkish kebab and pizza was so nice.


Quick service and high quality.


Best food in Derby.


Best food in Derby


No complaints!


The app never displays the food is on it's way! Is there a manual button the shop has to press to allow this function to show? Kind if defeats the purpose of this feature.


Best grill in Derby. Hands down!


hi, i paid for chicken toppings but there wasn't any.


Pretty nice food, the burger was tasty!


Too much salt on Chips


Best food in Derby!




Fresh, quality food, donner is now best in Derby. Only improvement would be homemade Naan.


Amazing food


Always very good quality of the food one of the bests and propably the best in Derby.


Best kebab I’ve had


Really good would totally recommend.




Brilliant food and very quick service. Thank you.



Very lovely food last night can’t wait for my food now !!



Tried to order in just eat, lovely food last night can’t wait for my food tonight


By far the best kebab in Derby. The only original Turkish kebab, always fresh salad that you actually want to eat,and awesome homemade chilli sauce.


Amazing take away


love that the app has a comments section so you can add specific details to your order.


Best takeaway I had in Derby!!


  Reply : Thank you Paulina

very good food .


Great service, Great food


Great service great food


The best food in Derby. Always arive hot. Fresh and the taste is just WOW! Recommended for everyone who like this kinde of kitchen.


Excellent service and food! Thanks to the whole team.


Always the best kebabs in Derby and probably the UK




Always good food.


Best take away food in Derby


Best chicken and pizzas in town


Only downside was that clear delivery instructions to not knock on the door as it is late and people in house are sleeping were ignored




Awesome best kebabs in England


The Special is a monster!


Very nice. All dishes were nicely cooked and fresh. Homous was particularly very nice. Delivered on time.




A real family fave, thanks as ever guys!


Best kebabs in the world! Always gorgeous love the chicken, the homemade chilli sauce is my favourite. The red cabbage is so tasty too. Been a regular for 9 years never had bad food or service.

Collette Campbell,

First time of eating from derby grill,food was very nice and was warm


Amazing food as always. What I love about derby grill is that the kebabs are rarely greasy compared to places I've been in the past and the donner is lamb.




After giving derbygrills another shot i must say im surprised how tasty and fresh meals are. Everything was perfect and not a peace left on my plate. Very happy customers, defiantly ordering again!!!


Great food as always, but smaller portions!


Excellent service and food.


Always very good.


Best takeaway I've had yet! The pizza's are amazing! And the chips are to die for!! Always quick with orders and food is always hot :).


Reliable and tasy, thank you!


Best kebabs in derby!!!!


best kebab in Derby......




Very delicious food and plus friendly customers service. On top fast delivery service guys. Thanks x x


Fantastic food everytime!!


I got pitta bread instead of Nan and my son Hamza will pick the order up instead of delivered .


Best kebabs in derby


I order cheese burger meal but didn’t get the coke with it


great place to eat from




Best kebabs in derby


Best in Derby and a must try is the Kurdish pizza


Delicious food delivered fast


Best Food In Derby Would Not Order From Anywhere Else Regardless Of The Reviews 5**** All Day Everyday!!


Amazing kebabs the best in derby


Best in Derby, 12 years in a row


Top Chefs and quality food plus fast delivery service..!


Best kebabs in Derby, fast and hot, good chicken and fries, good everything basically


top top top


Best kebabs in Derby! Simple :-)


Best in derby excellent top class original Turkish food




Waited over an hour past the delivery time, no refund or free anything. Food was good but service very disappointing.


Best kebabs in Derby and Great value.


Very nice


Very nice


Great food and service




quick and easy to use website


Amazing takeaway


Beat kebabs in derby.


Best kebabs in Derby ^_^


Easy to order


Great food




These lads know how to do a kebab! Non greasy and fresh salad - excellent stuff

Mr Higgins,

Amazing food n quick delivery


This is simply the best kebab I have ever had from anywhere.


Excellent food


Amazing place for take out food


Fantastic food


Amazing foid n service


Always the best food. Fast delivery and always hot


Perfect as always


Good food quick, thanks very much.


My fave takeaway in derby!


I'm not moaning or being negative, it's my first time and I think it was a great bit of grub. I personally like the donner to be a little more well done, I totally accept there's various ways take aways prefer it. Overall great bit of grub. Thank you


Always fresh tasty food.


Beautiful Special Shish kebab..try their homemade chili sauce..delish!


3.5 stars


superb food


Reliable quality and reliably quick with generous portions. Good job!


Best kebab in derby


Best kebab in derby by a mile


Only doner meat in Derby that I actually enjoy! Could be a little quicker on delivery but GOOD things come to those who wait!


Arrived within 20 minutes. Excellent service as always.


Food is excellent! Always tasty and fresh!


Great food


Very good


excellent customer service. very quick delivery. not to mention fresh good quality flavoursome food.And they looked after us. thanks from 4 Richardson street

Henry Staley,

Ordered naan for the doner but got pitta....

Graeme Walton,

Always excellent food from here! Excellent website, too.


Good food and generous portion size, plus quick delivery. Great stuff!




Excellent, as always


Thank you


Still the best kebabs in Derby. I like that you an specify options on your own website.


3rd time of ordering all been excellent so far


very good thanks


As usual a very tasty meal. Thanks derby grill


Great service & food always hot


Food great all the time, service very good





always great food




Best Kebab in Derby, just like back home. 9 years running!

Some Guy,

Great web site


Great! )

Thomas Polkey,

Always order the same every Friday after a long week at work. The food is alway great and arrives piping hot. Delivery time is rapid and the delivery driver is always polite and friendly. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone


Fantastic place with excellent services and Top Chefs especially Mr Adem.Foods are Tremendously delicious.Highly recommended. x

Oksana ,

Waited longer than we were told

Jo Bloggs ,

Food always very good but delivery is always slow. I'm currently waiting for food for almost an hour after ordering lads


Food was lovely as always. Best kebab meat in Derby

Sarah Bolton,

after trying others in the area derby grill is 100% the best in town

Lee Edwards ,

Delivery Driver is the best always delivers on time and always nice seeing him and derby grill serve the best kebabs in derby its as simple as that!


Just had a Special ShishDonner Mix...Gorgeous as usual-Best Kebab in Derby -)


Best Kebab Shop In Derby Without A Doubt! Always Good Customer Service With Me Being A Regular And Top Delivery Driver!


Great! Very quick


Great quality food with a first class service.

Ady ,

Fantastic quality tasty food with a friendly service!

Ady ,

Always excellent food. We wouldn't use anybody else.

Mark Ward,



Jalapenos on the shish kebab pls

Liz Champion,

Best donner in derby


Just found this takeaway near my work as I hadn't eaten all day and didn't want to go to far out. So happy it's round the corner because it's now my local. Food was delicious, can tell it's fresh, takeaway it's self looks very clean also I didn't have to wait long for my food but that is never a problem for me, I rather wait longer for my food so it's cooked properly. I will be recommending this takeaway. Thank you derby grill )


Very nice


Again my meal was perfect if your undecided order you won't be disappointed.Thanks again Derby Grill my stomach is full and I'm smiling my face off


Best shish kebabs, no one comes close to these guys.


This is the best kebab I've ever had I asked for the Donna meat to be toasted brown and they listened and indeed toasted it golden brown. The customisation menu offeres every sauce and salad option to be added individually so you only have what you want but saying that it's still very easy to use .The food arrived on time piping hot and the driver was polite and friendly. I don't eat kebabs often as they are usually poor quality but from Derby grill I will treat myself more often .

David Keeling,

Always good food from here, never been anywear else since trying this place.


Always worth the money


love this place! really fresh food and great quality!!! have ordered several times now and quality and service always fantastic. Really like that I can order direct, no time-consuming takeaway sites. only tweeks I'd like would be to be able to order dip pots as 'extras', and for website to have a 'requested delivery time' function... although will still keep ordering and enjoying everything this place has to offer.. still exploring the menu.... thank you.

Kelly Sims,

love this place! really fresh food and great quality!!! have ordered several times now and quality and service always fantastic. Really like that I can order direct, no time-consuming takeaway sites. only tweeks I'd like would be to be able to order dip pots as 'extras', and a small size hummus, and for website to have a 'requested delivery time' function... although will still keep ordering and enjoying everything this place has to offer.. still exploring the menu.... thank you.

Kelly Sims,

love this place! really fresh food and great quality!!! have ordered several times now and quality and service always fantastic. Really like that I can order direct, no time-consuming takeaway sites. only tweeks I'd like would be to be able to order dip pots as 'extras', and a small size hummus, and for website to have a 'requested delivery time' function... although will still keep ordering and enjoying everything this place has to offer.. still exploring the menu.... thank you.

Kelly Sims,

Always happy with the food.

Devon H,

It was very quick and delicious worth every penny I would recommend eating from here


Very good

Bassem ,

Very good

Bassem ,


Dean Goodchild,

I love this place

Bassem ,

nicest chicken kebab I've ever had!! nan was lovely and light and fresh, salad heads above the usual type you get - red cabbage nice addition. sauce came in a separate pot so kebab didn't get soggy - ideal. chicken portion was generous and pure breast meat, not chunks, proper chicken breast, and the fresh marinade was lovely, could taste the lemon. onion rings were nice, hot and crispy. mozerella melts were hot and still melty and gooey in the middle, perfect. was worried about negative reviews I read after placing order but when the food arrived I was really pleasantly surprised. will definitely order from here again, looking forward to exploring the menu

Kelly Sims,

The best kebab and pizza shop in town!!!

Sardar Ali ,

Excellent food and service


No drink?

Tara Mccool ,

This is the takeaway this is the best, I recomend it to every one, quick delivery at anytime very good quality aswell, the best takeway in Derby

Cristian Pirvu,

is allll goood

Jack Pritchard,

Someone hacked my email, please cancel order and send police to the delivery address.



Lukas Capkovic ,

Great food


Very good foid

Paul Sharratt,

Best kababs in derby


Long wait, quicker to walk


Best kebabs in Derby!

Mrs Bamford,

The best kebabs in Derby

Alistair ,

Good take out food for a good price.


Food arrived half an hour earlier than expected, and delicious as always. Best takeaway in the city.


Perfect shush every time! The mint yogart is something special x

Sarah ,





Great website!! Super food as always )

Steve And Annie ,

Gorgeous as usual! -)


Always good food. Quick deliver. Hot and tasty. Never fails.

Amy ,

Great as always!

Alex Stewart,

The best kebab to date!! Absolutely gorgeous...Just had a special mix of shish & chicken with grilled mushrooms & onions, topped with a super tasty salad, Thanks guys! -)


Great Service, Great food as always

James ,

I absolutely found the food delicious the kebabs are very good


Very pleased!!

Nicky Hughes,

Very nice food I would recommend eating from here I loved it

John ,

Food was good & delivered hot & fresh will be using the Derby Grill again didn't know they delivered or would have used them before.


Excellent as always. Highly recommend the chicken kebab to anyone.


V nice indeed


Amazing kebabs & extremely quick delivery. Thank you!


Nice as always


Derby grill is always top notch. In my opinion, best takeout in Derby, by miles.


Best shish kebabs around


Food is always good and delivery was quicker today than last time.

Kay Beaton,



Always the best service at Derby Grill. Also the best kebabs in Derby -))

Sarah Bolton,

Many thanks

Damion Hetherton,

Best Kebab in Derby for 10 years now )


Only reason I've rated poor is that the extra toppings that we paid for weren't on the pizzas...

Rachel Watson,

Number 1 pizza place in Derby!!

James ,

Very nice thanks

A O ,



Good food



Mark Dyche,

great food and service as always

Jon Goodacre,

This is Derbys one and only authentic Turkish Kebap shop. Once you taste it her there is no going back, all they need now is a cafe with turkish tea and coffee and Derby is complete.


Natalie ,

The best kebab in Derby -) Food is excellent and always good service. Glad they delivered to Oakwood as now we use them every Thursday night


Lovely food and great quick service!

Ashley ,

Derby grill has the best doner kebab. Very nice place to order food from


best kebabs in Derby.


Love Derby grill, he's takeaway in Derby and the only on with chip spice


Food was cold but very tasty.

Skye Jones,

Best grill restaurant in Derby till now,Quality at Food and Servicewish you the best.

Sultan ,

Best pizza in town yassssss

Chloe Wilshaw,

best kebab.chicken was soft and juicy marinated to perfection.delicious mozarella sticks still hot when arrived.definately will order again.yum yum


Very good food, and fantastic service. I'll definitely be coming here again!

Robyn Giles,

Healthy and Tasty


Fantastic food and service as always

Jon Goodacre,

Another gorgeous special kebab!!


Must try special shish and chicken kebab combo!! Amazing

Ali Hassan Ali,

Good efforts that the restaurant provides,


Very Good as always


Staff always really friendly, very clean shop and the food is amazing.

Alison ,

Derby Grill always offers fantastic food at great prices. Their kebabs and burgers are definitely their strong points, with great tasting burgers and dinner meat that actually tastes like lamb. Portion sizes are good and I'm always left satisfied after ordering from Derby Grill, be it in person or through their online form. 55

Jack Gilham,

Great food


derby grill makes the BEST food i loved how quick and delicious it was 1010


It was the best takeaway I have tasted In my life

Lewis ,

.THE BEST!.. Love the food. Thank you!


Deeeelissh -)


verry goooood

Marek Gritta,

Gorgeous kebabs

Sarah Plaza,



Delish Special Kebabs...Mwah!!


Delish Special Kebabs...mwah!! -)




Great taste


Best kebabs in Derby

Kevin Morris,

Best kebabs ever...




Sometimes this place has the best tasting diner ever a little more well done and it's proper tasty. All the kebabs are good. The pizzas are pretty good too. Great take away


perfectly food

Marek Gritta,

Really good but chicken was overcooked and dry.


Excellent fast service within allocated time. Will order again Thankyou

Emma Pass,

No cheese on my chips and cheese

Amanda ,

Awesome food


amazing food


Always great food


Lovely food


Good Food.


Best kebabs in Derby!


Very god


Derby grill is always the best...lezzetli ve her zaman gzel!


Great Food! Quality kebabs, hummus & chicken.


Thanks amazing as always



Marek Gritta,

Excellent quality authentic food and the best chilli sauce!!!!


Amazing Food As Always!!! Best Kebabs In Derby And The People Are Very Nice!!


Delicious and quick service


Awesome Food every time!!


Part of the order didn't arrive, coleslaw and sauces. Waited 30 minutes for it to come by which time we'd finished the rest so didn't need it any more


Best kebabs in Derby will not have or try from anywhere else!!


Nice again, but bit salty this time.


worth every penny I would reccomend to everybody


Excellent food quality, value for money, excellent service


Best Chicken Kebabs ive ever had!


Food always excellent whether it's grabbing it after work or at home. Always fresh and hot. Excellent quality and friendly service.


delicious as usual its very nice i have been around the world and i would say derby grill is the best


wonderfull food better than other kebab shops one of the best in derby.

Kamal Jojo Jackson,

very good as usual


Nice food


one best the places I have eat from soo good I will rate it 55 stars

John Dyer,

Amazing as always

Alex Stewart,

wonderfull food excellent service,food,quality it was worth every pound i reccomend you to eat from Derby Grill

Jerom ,

Good food everytime


Very nice thanks.



Austin Umeh,

Very good food and fast delivery

Catherine Slater,

Great food!


Lovely as always...never had complaint yet!


it was soo good and smelt fantastic worth every penny

Lewis Carter,

Really nice chicken kebabs, always really quick service. Great offers.

Alex Stewart,

fantastic food as always I always go therE when I'm hungry it's just 5 stars food




The kebab meat was fantastic! Top marks for this authentic kebab house


best kebab in town...

Warren J Faulkner,

Very good,money well spent always order from derby grill a must try


Takes too long does go by time given

Joanne Rerrie,

Great value


Very Nice... Best since Good Fellas...

Warren J Faulkner,

Food is very nice not the usual greasy rubbish you get from a lot of takeaways. Meat is always good quality!

Ross ,

very good... what good fellas used to be like...

Warren Tina,

food come later

Marek G,

brill as aways

John Godridge,

great food the best kebab shop in derby not a lie i would reccomended you try the food there

Tyrone Anderson ,

Can't be beaten


I loved the kebabs and burgers I would reccomended it to everybody to go there 5 out of 5 stars


Just as expected very good as normal.


Very quick, very tasty, very cheap.Over all perfect


Best kebab I've ever had


lurvley food

Karen Cottam,

Website banner says your minimum order is £9 but for billing is £10





Marek Gritta,

Always nice food food. Good quality and hot


excellent food excellent service best in Derby. The special kebab is fantastic